August 12, 2018

A New Start

Log on my journey to start up again this domain for blog and portfolio and few other awesome things! Linode + Ghost!

A New Start

Again, I think I've been revive and revamp my own site/blog like 2, 3 times already. From plain PHP as far as I could remember (LOL!) to like PHP with framework where that time I used to use CodeIgniter, and then wordpress. And from different hosting providers and its type like private or shared. Of course I couldn't be much regret on each stack that I use and for repeating those 'restart' excercise because along the way I will learn something for sure, that's also depends on how you are looking into that positively (Haha).

Enough with intros, today, I just want to share what I've done here with this new 'setup'. And now things go a little bit different where I change my flavour of language from PHP to nodejs and on the top of that I choose ghost as a framework cum publishing platform or kinda CMS that a little bit same with wordpress at some perspective. Ok, to answer your question (if you ask) I use linode cloud hosting service, and that's pretty much explain why I choose nodejs rather than normal wordpress and yes, to try something new. Again. Whatever.

So if you want to do like this just head to ghost website and go to their developer section, go further to their installation guide and make sure you read carefully but if you be like me tl;dr, the chance to stumble on failure are slim also, in fact you can just retry by issuing install/uninstall ghost command, easy. My experience with the installation was so breeze until I fell like its pretty darn fool proof! Ok maybe in the middle you cannot run a command that being listed in the guide, that's only mean that your server doesn't install with particular feature like in my case i need to install UFW myself, and that's all, after that the only genius things that you should do is just follow the instruction and fill the required info needed by the system. Boom!


The only thing that I would've regret right now was not being able to import my old post from previous setup, because of what??? Because I didn't backed it up! Ok own fault. Hope this setup will last a little bit longer (lets hope please), because I'm not alone here buddy, I got you, yes you! that read this post until the end! and my dear friends that maybe could contribute something together (active user now is 1, its me!).

If opportunity came disguised as temptation, one knock would be enough. - Lane Olinghouse

And last but not least, to just customize my own themes or building it from scratch. Do ignore current logo (ghost logo) and icon and bla bla... because I just want it up! Lets code!