The fact that I always ground myself in front of computer for obviously to do my official work and some times playing games, watch youtube and some other stuffs, makes me normally turn on music to listen to frequently. Then it comes to the time when you want a little bit extra quality towards your hearing every day, every now and then.

Photo by Scott Major / Unsplash

some history (LOL)

Coming from one who own 2.1 speaker setup for the last decades in early 2000, that time I had Altec Lansing (forgot which model) which give me a decent quality of audio in terms of treble and bass, although the bass unit not that big probably 6 inch woofer and two satellite 3 inch driver facing down woofer with tweeter, for that time I've already felt breeze with its audio sound.

Now that's long years back, fast forward, currently (well previously) I've just have a bookshelf speaker Edifier R1280T with headphone Razer BlackShark V2 pro (this is new item), although the Razer headphone had already has a great sound quality in terms of surround sound and quite punchy bass I must admit I can't really stick that things on my ears for a long period of time, thus switching back to my Edifier would means a bit downgrade on hearing especially for musics or playing games or even watch high quality youtube content.

I own this Edifier for a couple of years already, and due to recent pandemic virus issue I was a 'fullstuck' engineer at home 24 hours, so what's about that? Yes actually I've just create my work-from-home office in one of my room in my house, and having all my setup in a room will definitely change a bit if not much how your speaker would sound due to its frequency or wave reflection based on your room size, speaker placement and many other factors. Seems like an audiophile, no I'm not, I just felt the speaker sound more muffle than before, its sound dry and not lively. Note that before this my PC setup was at like living hall, that might bring some effect. I don't know. Or maybe I just hear from it too often nowadays that making me feel that way.

try na bring back the memories

I've been researching on the net on what to upgrade on your home/PC audio setup and watching much on speaker or studio monitors including whether or not using audio interface and or external DAC with Amplifier and so on. Not really into an Audiophile kind of things but just to enjoy a good quality audio whereas just want to find a reason to upgrade some gadgets LOL. At some point, I realize why not just leverage on current setup and add something that can top up its current quality especially for the lack of low frequency response which can be translate to low bass output.

Since I've already have Edifier product why not trying its another possible pair product which is Edifier T5 8 inch active sub woofer. And by the way, the cost is much more less from the expensive studio grade sub woofer. Overall I'm impressed with the upgrade of the sound quality, its really bring me back the memory of hearing more bass output from your audio setup, in fact I can tell this upgrade was worth and taking your sound at another level if you just have a 2.0 setup, even more than my last 2.1 setup that I can remember.

setup and quality?

I never had anything like my current setup, 2.0 bookshelf speaker pair with modular sub woofer, last time I would just had normal 2.1 speaker setup that probably not as good sound quality as this. This is because I think the Edifier T5 feature such phase and low pass control, and can response to as low as 38hz frequency, this can add a wider frequency especially at low or bass level, which I can say give punchier and stronger bass.

So the way I setup it is I switch my in line or RCA input from PC to sub woofer Edifier T5 first, and then from the RCA output I then channel it to bookshelf Edifier R1280T speaker, so let the frequency pass in the the sub woofer first and then for the higher frequency it will then pass to 2.0 speaker. The caveat is that you can no longer control most of the volume from your 2.0 speaker as it is previously your main driver because R1280T not comes with sub woofer output. However, I think the 2.0 speaker give me more clear sound and due to quite deep bass it is once again sounds more lively, warms and more powerful surround sound, like you already have a new setup all together.

Lastly, you can check my youtube video (will update later soon!) on unboxing it and setup it under my desk. Pssstt, part 2 was coming! hahaha.